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Sacred Roots Yoga

"The organic gardener does not think of throwing away the garbage. She knows that she needs the garbage. She is capable of transforming the garbage into compost, so that the compost can turn into lettuce, cucumber, radishes, and flowers again…With the energy of mindfulness, you can look into the garbage and say: I am not afraid. I am capable of transforming the garbage back into love."      

                                                                                                            Thich Nhat Hanh

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means to “unite” or “join”, calling forth the integration of who we are in our fullest form. During my yoga-teacher training certification program, one of my greatest teachers, BK Bose, would always remind us that the “real” yoga begins when we’re “off the mat and into the world”.  I try and carry this wisdom with me everywhere, remembering that we are only as conscious as our most unconscious parts and that being present, as BK would say is: “Being aware of what we are doing as we’re doing it, what we are thinking as we are thinking it and what we are saying as we’re saying it”.


The yoga that I teach is a combination of Hatha and Raja- a balance between effort and ease that’s centered in mindfulness, encouraging one to gently reach beyond their own edges while tapping into the guidance of one’s inner teacher. I find this a powerful approach that honors the agency of the individual.


In a world that tends to construct walls of separation between things and people, I am deeply passionate about creating a sacred space that bridges spirituality and social justice.


I teach private and group yoga classes in Oakland and San Francisco. Some days I take it into marginalized communities of color, offering the practice as a Transformative Life Skill (TLS) to the youth, and other days, individuals of all ages join me at Yoga Love where I teach a weekly class in the studio. 


I consider yoga an emotional lifeline that I absolutely cannot live without. Sharing this sacred practice with those looking to re-member the deep, nourishing home within themselves feeds my soul beyond measure. My greatest hope is that the ones who have reconnected with their inner medicine allow this healing work to ripple forward into our wider circles and communities. 

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