Sacred Roots Botanicals

Sacred Roots Botanicals was born nearly ten years ago when I was in school for herbal medicine. I felt pulled by the alchemy of my hands and heart to create an herbal line of products so nourishing to the body that you could practically eat them.  While this magical play continues to evolve, it is always organic, handcrafted and made with love straight from my kitchen.  I hope you will join one of our medicine making classes!

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Glycerin Herbal Soaps

Sourced from vegetables, these soaps are infused with herbs and extremely

gentle on the skin with their  moisturizing

and hydrating properties. 

Body Scrubs

These skin toning body scrubs gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and glowing.

Pain Relief Salves 

These salves penetrate the skin,bringing relief to muscles,

joints and tendons with

chronic & acute aches and pains.