(Online, 4-week series)

Saturday's: 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29

The age-old practice of cleansing is important to staying healthy and in alignment with the seasons! 


Now, more than ever, in these unsteady and surreal times, it is critical that we boost our immune systems as a preventive measure to resisting and throwing off substances that are foreign to our bodies. 


With four months deep into the pandemic, many of us are still needing to find and sync our internal rhythm with the strength from which we come—nature! 


Summer is nature’s time to shine and vibrate at its highest potential, radiating its best and brightest colors and creations while offering us a grand opportunity to do the same. 


Marked by illumination, summer calls forth the power of the heart and its capacity to carry heat, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body along withthe wisdom of the small intestine, responsible for the optimal digestion and assimilation of our nutrients. 

How do you use your power to shine your light? 


This cleanse is designed for Black Men seeking professional guidance in conjunction with the support of community along the way. You will be introduced to a family of heart-fortifying herbs along with specific foods and practices that will support your detoxification pathways for a gentle clearing from the inside out. You will also walk away with firsthand experience and knowledge on the cornerstones of a productive cleanse.


The beauty of this cleanse is in the cultivation of a deeper relationship with self in tandem to walking this healing path with others and becoming more well resourced while being professionally guided.


Other benefits include, yet are not limited to, eating nourishing foods that satiate your entire being without sacrificing taste. (Note: This IS a cleanse, NOT a fast!!!) 


* This is an online, 4-week series 

* Cleansing packages will be mailed to those who participate 



"I am so grateful to have been held and supported by Tanya in taking care of my body and spirit with the  Spring Cleanse. I KNOW I would not have done it otherwise! From the supplement side of things to the emotional process of shedding, Tanya was right there with us, guiding and encouraging in such a loving and skillful way. I would definitely do it again. Thank you Sacred Roots Wellness for helping me to help myself."

- Alexis Lowenstein, MFT

"When I cleanse with Sacred Roots Wellness, I don't feel joint pain. When I cleanse with Sacred Roots Wellness, I don't experience insomnia. When I cleanse with Sacred Roots Wellness, I don't experience migraines. I have done this seasonal cleanse with Sacred Roots Wellness a couple of times. What makes this different from other cleanses is the focus on what you CAN eat instead of what you cannot. The other major difference is that the recipes are fortifying and you don't starve. Tanya Henderson has done her homework and understands on a very deep level the way in which specific herbs, supplements and food combinations promote detoxification, healing and longevity. Each time I participated in this cleanse, I felt pleased with the results of my investment because my health is worth it!"

- Gina Hill, Entrepreneur

"Tanya provides great detail and care to each cleanse, making it not only doable but fun to follow. Her knowledge and wisdom stayed with me far after the cleanse was over, supporting me to make the lifestyle changes I've wanted for years."

- Andrea Cortes-Juarbe, Dance & Expressive Arts Educator

"Our weekly meetings completely supported me in continuing to do this cleanse, as I really enjoyed the others in the group who were drawn to doing this work and appreciated the diversity of perspective among us. Our group happened to be all women, which grounded me. Once I began to understand the process of cleansing in loosening up the toxins in order to capture and eliminate them, this visualization helped me to stay committed to what was happening in my body. I even stopped craving sugar as a testament to bringing myself back into balance."

- Malena Mayorga, Community Organizer

"The cleanse itself allowed me to identify the root causes- psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical- of my sometimes unhealthy relationship to eating and food. Working with Sacred Roots Wellness also gave  me ideas for meals that I still incorporate into my life years after my first cleanse. Ultimately, there is really no price that will pay for all of the benefits you will gain in your commitment to your cleanse and growth."

- Fermin Mendoza, Spanish Interpreter

"I worked with Tanya for the first time approximately 10 years ago.  I was unsure of what a cleanse was but I was concerned about my overall health and wellness so I decided to give it a try.  Tanya was available to answer questions about the products I would use and my food intake. Her product knowledge was really helpful.  I learned how to use the product, read labels, understand how to interpret serving sizes, and get clear on how food works with the body.  I was completely blown away!  My awareness about food was reshaped from that point on!  During the cleanse we had regular calls and discussions about what I was feeling and experiencing.  I even kept a journal.  After completion of the cleanse I felt lighter, and my mind clearer.  I knew I would never go back to my old patterns.  The impact of this first cleanse was life changing.  It 

has been a journey for me and I continue to  take additional steps each year to improve the quality of my life since having this experience.  Today I continue to work with Tanya and I have become a student of hers in other modalities, such as yoga.  I am forever grateful for the many ways my life has transformed under her care and instruction.  I highly recommend her cleansing program.  Give it a try, you will be glad that you did!"

 - Ananda "Bliss" Kenboya, Well-Being Lifestyle Coach


(Saturday- February 9, 2019)

The skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination so… it’s crucial that we use the highest quality ingredients on our bodies for optimal absorption and nourishment. 

Learn how to feed your skin from the outside in by making your own body butter & soothing skin salve!


In this 3-hour workshop, you will cultivate an intimate relationship with your skin and deepen your understanding of which base and essential oils work the best for what you are trying to achieve.


You will take home a sampling of our organic handcrafted products, as this will be a hands-on experience!

A relaxing herbal tea blend will be served.

* Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot, as space is limited. 

(Location revealed upon completion of registration.)


* All experience levels welcome*


* Lecture included*


Saturday- February 9, 2019


1 - 4p.m.


Oakland, CA



For more information, please contact:




2939 Summit St., Ste. 303

Oakland, CA 94609

(646) 852-4631

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